Customer Service Charter

This Customer Charter describes the standards of service we aim to achieve in Michuhol Public Library and its branches. Our commitment is to provide timely and accurate services, resources and programs that are responsive to needs of every one who visit, live and work in Incheon.

For improving your satisfaction:

  • 1. We will use our best efforts to provide quality information and resources in a timely and accurate manner.
  • 2. We will always be courtesy and respect to you and take care of your circumstances.
  • 3. We will contribute to the decent life of you by providing library cultural programs.
  • 4. We will create libraries so pleasant and comfortable that you can visit at any time and enjoy yourself.
  • 5. We will quickly response to your inconveniences and complaints in all aspect of library affairs.
  • 6. We welcome your ideas and suggestions so that we can continue to improve our services to you.

Furthermore, we will set out and comply with Customer Service Standards for keeping our promises.

Customer Service Standards

  • Customer-oriented Library
    1. - We will wear our name badges and ID cards so that we can be more responsible, and undertake our duties and obligations completely.
    2. - We will be helpful, friendly and courteous to your inquiries.
    3. - We will keep library facilities and materials well organized so that they do not make you inconvenience.
    4. - We will keep our website updated so that you can access to search service, event schedules, public notices and other valuable information without any restriction.
    5. - We will provide a checkout reservation system that allows you to borrow materials as soon as returned.
    6. - We will provide a “Checkout & Delivery Service (Outreach service)” for people unable to visit libraries due to physical disabilities, illness or ages.
    7. - We will provide a “Checkout and Pick-up Point Reservation Service” for people unable to visit libraries due to a matter of time and distance.
  • Timely and Accurate Information
    1. - We will set up a Procurement Committee which will select quality Korean and foreign books, braille books as well as other materials to be purchased by libraries.
    2. - We will listen to your advices that are collected from our website and suggestion boxes in libraries so that the shelf can be filled with books you want to read.
  • Cultural Events and Lifelong Learning Opportunities
    1. - We will provide various lifelong learning programs for encouraging people to be self-motivated.
    2. - We will contribute to making a better community through designing and implementing programs for the disadvantaged people.
    3. - We will provide various cultural programs for making libraries multi-purpose cultural spot where every citizen interact with each other.

Corrective Actions

  • We will undertake necessary actions against your complaints and advices.
  • We will report back to you how we have responded (and how much progress has been made, if it requires a long period of time) to your comments, complaints and compliments.

What You Can Do to Help Us

  • You will show courtesy and respect to other users.
    1. - You will, as a cultured individual be following library regulations and keeping pleasant environment.
    2. - You will not use personal communication devices in and around reading halls, and your phone will be switched to vibrate/mute mode.
    3. - You may neither occupy more than one seat nor place belongings on the table for someone’s convenience.
  • You will return materials by due date.
    1. - You will return borrowing materials until the original due date so that other users can have equal opportunity to access materials they want.
  • You will take care of library properties, assets and equipment.
    1. - You will be cautious in use of all public properties in libraries and so careful enough that no material is damaged or lost.
    2. - You will not eat or drink at library except cafeteria or lounge, and follow non-smoking regulations.

This Customer Service Charter sets out the standards you would expect when you visit Cheongna Lake Library. Our commitment is to be courteous, thoughtful, efficient and accurate at all times. We will deliver the highly customer-oriented services.

Our Promise to You:

  • 1. We welcome your request for new materials and we will meet your needs by purchasing, receiving donation, exchanging or any other available means.
  • 2. We will build and expand interlibrary networks with counterparts across the country so that we can deliver extensive customer services.
  • 3. We will, as a lifelong learning institution, provide opportunities for social interaction, cultural and educational programs.
  • 4. We will create and maintain a library environment where every citizen can access to all resources under the pleasant and comfortable condition.

Furthermore, we will set out and comply with Customer Service Standards for keeping our promises.