"Welcome to Michuhol Library"

Michuhol Library, opened as “City Library” in Yulmok-dong, Jung-gu, in 1922, has been delivering general library services to every citizen in Incheon. The city’s most popular library is a treasure box of knowledge and wisdom. We are involved in citizens’ everyday life very deeply and offer a friendly and comfortable space for all.

Our customer services aim to achieve decent and quality life of all citizens. To ensure this end, we provide a variety of educational and cultural programs such as lifelong learning, children’s program, cultural event and movie screening, and they are welcomed and supported by the public.

We serve you by delivering knowledge and information. We are committed to create Michuhol Library a space where people can have opportunities of learning, cultural life, information sharing and social interaction. “Sharing more knowledge and increasing your happiness.” Your supports and participation is always welcomed.

Thank you.

"Welcome to Cheongna Lake Library"

Cheongna Lake Library, opened on June 29, 2015 is situated in the city’s most vibrant corner, FEZ (Free Economic Zone) where people work and live in. We deliver extensive customer services including knowledge & information, cultural programs and lifelong learning programs.

Our services are customized to library users’ needs such as resource searching, book-reading promotions, regular public lectures and cultural programs. We will exert our best efforts for creating multi-purpose cultural space where people interact with their neighbors and develop their potentials. Our commitment to the best customer service will continue until we can exceed your expectations.

Thank you.

"Dear library users "

Welcome to Cheongna International Library

Since its establishment on June 29, 2015, Cheongna International Library has been delivering knowledge and information services in a timely and speedy manner. Our humanities programs contribute to developing social interactions and good character of library users. As always, we will continue to expand highly customer-oriented services.

" Welcome to Yeongjong Sky Library"

Yeongjong Sky Library opened in July 10, 2015, as a branch of Incheon’s central library, “Michuhol Public Library.”

We are committed to deliver the high standard customers services so that library users read more books and access to more information.

Since there is no other library in Yeongjong Sky City, we dedicate ourselves to provide quality resources and cultural programs in a systemic way, and also to create friendly, flexible and comfortable library environment. Our staff will spare no effort to make Yeongjong Sky Library a treasure box of “Culture, Knowledge and Dream.” We expect your consistent support and participation.

Thank you.

"Majeon Library conveying warmth among people"

Welcome visitors to our website of Incheon Metropolitan City’s Majeon Library.

Majeon Library was established on November 21, 2019 as one of branches of Michuhol Library that remains a local landmark representing Incheon region.

We at Majeon will do our best to become a beloved library by providing fast accessibility to high quality resources that keep abreast with expectations of the region and citizens through a system of knowledge organization by which library resources are arranged and ordered systematically, while also offering a variety of reading programs and cultural programs enjoyable by all family members. We look forward to your continuous use of the library with extra attention.

Thank you.